Uncompromising excellence and a commitment to continually reaching new heights in fine art and technology.  PIXoils has come to represent the pinnacle of expressing fine art sophistication in an ultra-modern format.

Our Story

PIXoils began over 20 years ago, with Marshall Monroe experimenting with the concept of taking new display and media management systems into the fine art realm.  The first test was with a tonal piece - capturing and presenting a 24-hour period of the Ranchos de Taos Church in Northern New Mexico.  The dance of light across the stunning form revealed not just patterns and mass, but more importantly they revealed the movement of heavenly bodies - the earth, sun, and moon.

Today, PIXoils continues to innovate, working on commissions in unusual formats, including monumental scale square, showcasing R. Tom Gilleon's highly-desirable 9-panel and tipi formats.

At PIXoils, Marshall Monroe directs Business Affairs as well as Creative and Technical Production.  This also includes design and engineering of the overall presentation systems as new components become possible.


Marshall Monroe

Director of Business Affairs

Creative and Technical Production

At PIXoils our Artist in Residence (and at large), R. Tom Gilleon has made a lifestyle out of surfing the cutting edge of storytelling through images.  His biography is a portrait in itself of original works, accolades, works in the highest profile collections, and commercial clients that include a who's who of entertainment, most notably the Walt Disney Company.  Gilleon's work continues to set records at auction, and he has established a new front in his creative journey with digital canvas.


R. Tom GIlleon



A PIXoils original or commission acquisition begins with the aspiration for an elevated experience - in time and space.  Once the content selection has been made, our integration team goes to work coordinating the installation.  This may be in an existing facility or in new construction.  In the former case, we often work with facilities management or operations to ensure power, data, and networking infrastructure is handled in a smooth and logical way.

Then we verify the mechanical installation parameters - relating to the wall and its structural integrity.  We have worked on traditional stud wall surfaces, natural/reclaimed wood, and even native field stone surfaces.  The mounting is resolved and commissioning day is planned.

Commercial Collection Installation - Public Space with Observation Terrace

Commercial Collection Installation - Public Space with Observation Terrace

Our team of engineering and technical production specialists has experience with every scale of specialty installation, from the most intimate private collection at a residence to the largest commercial and public venues.

Commercial Installations are Integrated with Structural and Electrical-Network Sub-Systems

Commercial Installations are Integrated with Structural and Electrical-Network Sub-Systems

In the end, our goal is singular - and that is to transform experience and elevate the mind through the use of carefully considered fine art.